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Many individuals and organizations help GPC bridge the gap between coffee producers and consumers.

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Our high grown and strictly high grown coffees are some of Honduras' best.

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GPC was created to support the Fellow Man International project in Honduras.

Green Parrot Coffee is a development project that was created to achieve several very important objectives which include the following:

1) Self-sufficiency for the Fellow Man Intternational whose efforts provide medical care and foodstuffs for a population of nearly 120,000 impoverished coffee field workers living within the project's service area.

2) Increase the coffee field workers income from below subsistence wages to actual living wages

3) Provide direct access to the consumer market for conscientious coffee farm owners who produce high quality green coffee and who are willing to participate in profit-sharing programs for their field workers. Green Parrot Coffee is an exporter of green and roasted coffee in Honduras as well as importer and distributor of coffee in the United States.


Believe it or not, it does matter where and from whom you buy your coffee. If you are concerned about those who provide the manual labor to bring that daily cup of Java to your table, then perhaps Green Parrot Coffee is the answer.

Green Parrot Coffee is dedicated to kids just like Bryan. He was only five years old when this picture was taken. He said something that changed our lives forever. "Do you know why I like the harvest," he aksed, "it's because we get to eat every day."

We are not asking for your charity. We are asking for an opportunity. The opportunity to prove to you Green Parrot Coffee is of unequaled quality in aroma, flavor and value. The opportunity to demonstrate we are interested in the well-being, continued growth and economic development of coffee workers and their communities. The opportunity to convince you we should be your coffee of choice.

We sincerely thank you for providing us the opportunity to serve you as a consumer and to serve our neighbors of Honduras. Thank you for taking our hand in partnership to make the world a better place, one small mountain community at a time.

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